Why choose ship2shore


For over 20 years, we’ve been traveling and helping fellow travelers discover what makes our part of the world so special. We are passionate about giving you an experience that is the best value with the maximum “wow” moments.

From the very beginning, our focus on major sights combined with secret insider know-how will fill your vacation with the memories of a lifetime.

Our Commitment to you can be summed up in our ten reasons for you to put your trust in us:

10. You're the Boss.. Travel with us and you’re in charge. We'll customize a tour just for you. You can choose when and where we meet, how long the tour will be, and what to see. We'll be there whenever and wherever you need us.

9. Individual travel as a group. Whether you are traveling with your family or friends or want to meet up with other travelers, small groups are the way to go! We'll show you Berlin in a relaxed familiar atmosphere where you can meet new people or share your experiences with your group. This way you get to see all the highlights in East and West, as well as exploring a part of your Berlin in more detail.

8. We’re just like you! We’re Americans,  Britons, and even an odd German or two  who have lived in Germany for 20+ years: our language, experience, and insight are all yours. We love it here and want to share it with you. You can ask us any question and we don’t shy away from historically sensitive topics.

7. Awesome Guides! No umbrellas, flags, twigs, or other tour guide clichés to follow; we don’t herd you from place to place. No bored guides droning on with unintelligible accents. All of our knowledge comes from genuine experience and not from a memorized script.

6. We're pretty informal and contagiously energetic!. We know where the pitfalls lie and help you avoid them. Because we’ve spent most of our adult lives shouting at people in front of important things, we never forget that you are on vacation.

5. Guaranteed Prices. Once you book your tour, the price will not change. We won't tack on fuel surcharges or extra fees. We're completely up front with you about the costs for museum visits and meals.

4. Great Busses and drivers! If you'd like a private car or bus, look no further. Our professional drivers operate a comfortable, air-conditioned, modern fleet of busses, sized for every group size. Their only concern is your safety and comfort.

3. We have kids. If you bring yours with you, they’re in for a treat

2. We refuse to take kick-backs. There are no carpet-shops, diamond factories, or other tourist traps on any of our tours. We personally choose every place we stop or recommend based on our personal experience, authenticity, and value. We love to eat and drink (in our off time, of course) and believe that every bite you take or every beer you drink is the continuation of a cultural tradition that has been developing for thousands of years.

1. Peace of mind. Your Berlin experience should be a fun day out not a gambling roll of the dice. Our entire goal is to make sure you have a uniquely good time, learn something, and enjoy our corner of the world like we do; all at a price that is fair.

                  We hope you can join us! 

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