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Moin!  I’m Lee Evans.  I left my Eastern Washington home in the 1986 on a Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship and almost never looked back. I first set foot in Berlin at Templehof Airport in 1986 and immediately fell in love with the then divided Berlin.

After a year in a quiet West German suburb of Osnabrück, I enrolled in University, but quickly left again to study Art History in Florence, Italy. During the fateful year of 1989, I was in Berlin when the Wall fell and saw the collapse of Communism first hand; demonstrating on Wenceslas Square during Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution.  

I earned a Master's Degree in Central European History and also studied Czech history and Literature at Charles University in Prague. At some point I managed also to spend significant time living on the island of Maui and in Munich.

I’ve worked for and traveled with Rick Steve's, where I was a guide and wrote several sections of Rick Steves Germany.  I currently bring my love of Germany to the pages  of the Fodor's Germany guidebook.

Berlin ZOO

I led the English language services of the German Railroad, where I  helped thousands of travellers get the most out of their European experience.

Just don't get me started on the glories of Estonian pea flour.

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Jennifer DeShirley


Hello, I’m Jennifer and I came to Germany to study German literature in 1996.  I am originally from Portland, Oregon and, although Berlin is my real home,  my first German experience was actually  in Munich, where I studied at Ludwig-Maximillian University. 

When we moved to Berlin, I continued my studies at Humboldt University, completing an MA in Contemporary German Literature.  When I arrived, I hardly spoke German, but now teach German and English at a German High School.  I love showing people my adopted home, but, I am first and foremost a teacher.   

I teach in one of Berlin’s typically colorful immigrant quarters.  Because of this unique position, I am particularly interested in issues of Immigration, migration, and integration.  Apparently, I am the trusted voice of reason in this relationship and ensure that everything that we offer is pedagogically sound.

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All of our school group tours, and especially our Immigration and Integration tours, are checked and evaluated for their content, value, and relevance.  I’ll go almost anywhere to talk about Bowie or Isherwood in Berlin.

Berlin is my home and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else—especially since I have a really great couch that I can’t move. 

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