Third Reich Berlin

Third Reich Berlin


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The Nazis ruled Berlin, the Holocaust capital, for twelve brutal years. Come see what is left of the Reich destined to last a thousand years.

Explore the how and why of the Nazi's rise and fall. Experience the remnants of a city in ruins and its rebirth. Your guides are Berlin's leaders in English language guides, have lectured on this topic at Stanford in Berlin, and are qualified guides of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. We don't shy away from controversial topics, and can shed light on your understanding of Berlin's darkest history.

Your expert guide will address how Hitler manipulated democracy to legally grasp at power, how the regime changed German society; how some Germans resisted and dissented; and how the specter of the Nazi’s unparalleled crimes haunt post-war Germany.

This is an amazing, personal, and authentic Berlin experience that gives you an inside view of the City's turbulent past and promising future. We pick you up at the ship in Warnemünde or Rostock in a comfortable A/C car, van, or bus.  We’ll whisk you to Berlin in comfort and style.  Your guide, driver, and vehicle will be completely yours for the entire day.Since we use the latest research, you guide is an expert in the Third Reich and we search out the ruins and remnants of a dictatorship unequalled in brutality and callous efficiency.

The Third Reich centered itself in Berlin’s city centre. This tour is best done on foot. There are many other Nazi ruins and stories to be told in Berlin; we can expand this tour with a car or bus and can take you to the Olympic Stadium, Hitler Youth Camps, or to any of Berlin’s other memorials.

This tour covers:

  • •             Hitler's rise to power
  • •             The government street Wilhelmstrs
  • •             Hitler's New Reich Chancellery
  • •             The site of Hitler's and Goebbel's bunkers, and their last days
  • •             SS headquarters, Gestapo HQ
  • •             Nazi Air ministry
  • •             Propaganda ministry
  • •             Rudolf Hess' HQ
  • •             The battle for Berlin in 1945
  • •             Escapes from Hitler's chancellery and today's survivors accounts
  • •             Site of the Euthanasia Program HQ
  • •             Hitler's building plans for world capital Germania
  • •             Memorial to Sinti and Roma
  • •             Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe
  • •             Driver's bunkers

and much more....

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Additional Info

Your day ashore includes the following:
  1. professional and personable English-speaking guide in from Warnemünde to Berlin--all day
  2. Transfer Warnemünde (or Rostock or Wismar)–Berlin–Warnemunde (or Rostock or Wismar) in a private, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle
  3. private A/C vehicle in Berlin all day
  4. some surprises along the way
Additional Information:

Cost of lunch is not included in the price. In most restaurants, credit cards are not accepted. You will need cash (EUR only) to purchase lunch.  No shops in Berlin take US$.

For your own comfort, please consider bringing a bottle of water!

We stop to use the restrooms the drive to Berlin.  In Germany, it is customary to pay for the restrooms.  The bonus here is that the restrooms are clean and useable.  Please bring soem €.50 coins with you. 

It goes without saying that this is a sample itinerary. This is not a chorooligical detail of your portntial tout.  Actual start/end depend on your ship's arrival/departure time. Times, sequence, and locations could vary depending on several factors. Sometimes ships are late arriving or the captain will declare an early departure.  Berlin traffic is often frustrating, not like Paris or Mexico City, but still a factor to take into consideration.   The tour is yours and personalized to you, so it might be different than someone else's.  

Price for your entire group:

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